Saturday, February 06, 2010

I took the afternoon off yesterday, because Heather and I had tickets to Body Worlds at the Ontario Science Centre. We were booked for the 3pm slot, which we figured would be after the school groups had left and before the afternoon crowds showed up. It was pretty cool, and our timing worked out well. There were only two other couples at the exhibits as we went through. My favourite was the nervous system one.

We had dinner last night at The Chef's House, which is the George Brown student restaurant. We originally had planned to order from the Winterlicious menu, but they were featuring chefs from their italian post-graduate class, and so we went for that instead. It was excellent, and very affordable. I had the four courses for $32, and Heather had three for $25 (we shared dessert). The appetizer was prosciutto and pickled vegetables, which was a great combination. Next was tortellini, in a butter-sage sauce; followed by pan-fried whitefish. Dessert was chocolate cake. Mmm good. They have overhead cameras on the prep areas, so you can see how the meals are prepared.

We walked in for dinner, and saw that there's now signs up for Sync Lofts, which is on the north side of Queen St just east of the DVP (there used to be a strip mall that was recently torn down). I signed up on their site just to see what they're proposing:

Today we're going to try the coffee-rubbed pork chops again, but this time with decaf. I'm trying to find a place to buy just a small amount of decaf coffee beans.


  1. Do any of your nearby supermarkets sell coffee beans in bulk? The WholeFoods near us has a bulk coffee section, along with a grinder.

  2. I finally found some at the Loblaws near us. (The Queen's Quay Loblaws didn't have any.) As a tea drinker, I found the whole coffee buying experience rather intimidating.