Thursday, February 11, 2010

Buzz is evil

So Google has their new social networking tool, Buzz. I tried it out, and it seemed pretty cool. Until I realized all the default privacy settings are not private:

- My email address is viewable to followers of followers (and I can't seem to turn this off!)
- My frequent contacts are automatically added as followers by default
- The list of who I'm following and is following me is public by default (and to turn this off, I had to create a public profile, go into the settings, and then turn this off) (if you don't create a public profile, I couldn't find the option)
- Even if you decline to join Buzz (as Heather did), as far as Buzz is concerned, you're still in
- My Picasa account activity was automatically added to my stream -- I had to turn that off

So overall two thumbs down. I'd give more thumbs down if I had them. What the heck is Google thinking?

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