Sunday, October 07, 2007

We're going to be posting pics very soon from our wedding. We met with JP and Maricar this past Tuesday to look at their pictures, which look amazing. I haven't yet talked with Tanya about the ones she took.

We got back from PEI last Friday. I was planning to relax on the weekend before starting work, but squirrels had got into the soffits on the 2nd floor. (My summer project was to replace those before the wedding, but then the front walk project interrupted.) So last weekend I rebuilt the soffit and fascia, and painted because the weather was good and I wasn't sure if I'd get another chance to paint before winter.

This weekend I finally put up the gutters and downspouts. This is what started the whole project -- the old gutters were brown and in bad shape. A day earlier would have been better as it rained off-and-on most of yesterday. I've posted before and after pics on my Facebook. (I can restrict access to photos on Facebook, e.g. for pics that identify where we live). In the "after" pic you can see that the ceiling is yet to be done. I'm waiting for my electrician (Tony) to wire pot lights over the porch, and then I'll put up pine paneling.

It was a bad week for my sports. We lost both games badly. On Wednesday was my first game back in Ultimate. Our old team is back together, which is fun. However our opponents were mostly very tall, and they used their height. A lot of passes were hammers over our heads to receivers who caught the disc above what we could defend. After we went to Fionn MacCool's for half-price Keiths' and appetizers.

Thursday was hockey, and we lost 7-1. The other team was better all-around. There's 12 teams in our division, and I'm hoping they split them into two groups of 6, so that we're playing teams at our skill level. Otherwise it's not much fun. I did manage to get an assist, and I was seeing the ice better.

We have a new butcher in our neighbourhood, about a four minute walk from our place. They have duck, so I decided to surf for a duck recipe for Friday. Found this on the LCBO website. It was so-so, I liked it more than Heather. Plus I overcooked the duck (it gets tough beyond medium-rare).

I'm golfing tomorrow with Craig at BraeBen. I think it will be the last time out this season. Let's hope that my putting comes back after PEI.

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