Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Does this mattress smell of pea?

On Saturday I was working on the roof over the deck. I have a 16' ladder that folds down to 4' high, but it's a bit difficult to raise and lower when it's extended the full 16'. It jarred my shoulder when I was lowering it, which only started hurting in the middle of the night. (I think I irritated my rotator cuff). Anyways, Heather suggested icing my shoulder, and grabbed a bag of frozen peas from the freezer for me. It made it feel better, and I fell asleep.

When I woke up, the bag of peas was pretty much defrosted. There was a tiny leak, and some liquid from the bag had seeped into the mattress. At which point, we wondered, just how do you get a pea smell out of a mattress? (Heather washed it with hand soap and a wet towel and it was fine).

My shoulder was okay in the morning, which was fortunate because I had a tee time at 1:44pm at Crosswinds. It's out in the boonies, about 45 minutes west of Toronto. Craig's friend (Pete -- originally from PEI -- last name Rogers) had an expired raincheck for $166, which he talked the clubhouse into accepting. So the round cost us $25 each! My putting wasn't good and my chipping was bad, but I still somehow managed a 93!

Heather and I are the proud new owners of an iPod, which is charging and syncing as I type. It's our wedding gift to each other. (A guy at work bought an iMac, and Apple has a special where if you buy an iMac and an iPod you get $260 off -- so we split the difference and I got the iPod for very cheap). So instead of selecting our favourite CDs for our drive to PEI, we will have our full collection. We feel very modern.

Last Wednesday we went to LeeAnn's dentist (Stephen Diana) to get moulds made so we can whiten our teeth before the wedding. (LeeAnn's a dental hygenist and it's her wedding gift for us). Bernice and Marissa actually are patients of Stephen, so they hitched a ride and the four of us had a road trip to Georgetown in rush hour. It took no time at all for LeeAnn to take the impressions. Later Stephen came out to talk with us, because he grew up in Malton and was in my sister's grade. We talked about how there's an instant bond between people who grew up in Malton, moreso than what we've seen in other neighbourhoods in the GTA.

It was getting late by the time we drove back to Toronto. I had been hankering for Dupont Chicken, my favourite rotisserie chicken place which is near Marissa's house. We drove down Dupont but didn't see it. Made a u-turn, and then saw a fenced-off area cleared for condo development. Oh no!!! my favourite place was gone! We resigned ourselves to try another restaurant in the area. There was another Portuguese restaurant nearby (Eduarda's Kitchen) that looked busy, so we tried it out. It turned out that it was the same place, they had just moved (and changed their name...) It was excellent chicken and we stuffed ourselves. Then Bernice bought some custard tarts for dessert, which were also amazing but after which we were more than full.

This weekend I'm hoping to finish (& start!) the front walk. I've bought flagstone and limestone screening from Rock Valley in Vaughan, and have spent a grand total of $71. It's a really good place for rocks. It looks like it should be pretty easy to lay out.

Anyways the iPod finished syncing and I'm now listening to Arcade Fire and singing out loud. Heather's laughing because my singing isn't that good. In fact I don't even know if I should be using my singing and good in the same sentence.

I should go cook dinner.

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