Thursday, April 26, 2012

I've decided on laumoda as a company name.  I'm surprised at how easy it is to set up the digital part of a company.  Here's what I've used in case anyone else is looking to do the same:

  • I bought the domain name ( from  It was one of the lower priced sites, plus a lot of other sites have built-in interfaces with GoDaddy (such as setting up Google Apps).
  • I'm hosting the site on Amazon Web Services.  It's free for a year, and then about $5 - $10 month depending on what I'm using (space, bandwidth etc).
  • I set up email using Google Apps.  Because I went with GoDaddy, I didn't even need to edit the MX records myself; it was just a couple clicks.  If I'm using the email addresses, I just sign into gmail with the account, and then it's the same as using gmail.
  • I built the website using hype.  I was looking at cloud-based html5 content creators, but they all charged between $5 - $10 / month if you wanted to remove their logo from your site.  I'd be okay with a free site with the logo (e.g. this blog has a blogger logo) for a personal site, but its looks decidedly unprofessional for a business site.  Hype is an installed software app that was $40.  One limitation of Hype is that it only does fixed-dimensions (so you have to define components in pixels, as opposed to say 100% width).  I was trying to figure out the optimal width, fortunately there's cool sites like this one that have a lot of data. 
  • I built the favicon (that's the little icon that appears in the browser tab) using a free website (just google, there's a lot).  .jpg in, .ico out.
That was it!  

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