Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm trying to choose a name for my company.  I have four criteria, in order of priority:
  • .com is available
  • if you google the name, you'll likely find my company (which rules out names such as "digital solutions" with 294,000,000 search results)
  • there's minimal confusion on how to spell the name once it's seen (which rules out things like "" or "")
  • it has a meaning behind it.
To find names that fit my criteria, I was following the example of kijiji, which is swahili for "meeting place". The finalists are all words from esperanto, which as a language works particularly well with criteria #3.

I'm running a survey to see how the name fares; I'm more influenced by the survey if the name is generally disliked (the first selection of names all polled very poorly; based on that I came up with different names).  If you'd like to vote, go ahead!

I'm nearly done with the wobbly table app.  It was working great on the iPhone, but when I tested it on the iPad none of the text showed up.  I finally figured out it's because I used a font that's only available in iOS5 but not iOS4 (I've upgraded the OS on my iPhone but not the iPad, cause I want a device running both for testing, and this a great example of why).  I wish there was some sort of error message if the font isn't available, instead of just showing blank text.  Anyways I changed to a font that's available in both iOS4 & 5 and that fixed that problem.  Except I caused some other problem with all the changes I made trying to troubleshoot, which I now have to find and fix.

It was a almost winter again today, although the forecasted snowstorm did not materialize.  Call off the army!  But it was a good day for spaghetti and meatballs, with a caesar salad.  Mmm good.

I had physio again today for my foot (which I hurt at hockey almost three months ago).  I now have an ankle brace, and with it I can run without pain (yay!)  So I'll be good for Ultimate in three weeks when the spring seasons start up.  My ankle doesn't bother me at hockey, I think because the skate boot has the same effect as an ankle brace. 

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