Sunday, January 24, 2010

So I've started using Dropbox, which allows you to sync files to the cloud, and other computers. I was looking for a free alternative to back up Heather's dissertation. Also, I've never tested a restore from the existing cloud backup that I set up for Heather, because it's a bit onerous. With Dropbox, it's very easy. I also want to install it at work, to use it as a shared folder instead of emailing myself documents. However I'm not sure if our firewall at work will allow it. I surfed around and there's very few negative comments about Dropbox, mostly from people who dislike that you can't specify which folders to backup.

(If you check it out and want to sign up, if you click here we'll both get an extra 250MB free.)

Heather and I had a little day trip to the AGO. We both wanted to see the changes by Frank Gehry, and the permanent collection (neither of us were too interested in the King Tut Exhibit). The building and new windy staircases themselves look quite cool, but we didn't like how difficult it was to navigate around from floor to floor. Plus with the King Tut Exhibit on the 3rd floor, you have to take the elevator to get to the 4th and 5th floors! Not a very good design.

My favourite pieces were Evan Penny's Stretch #1 and Michael Snow's picture (something about a man looking a at a string, I can't remember the title). The Galleria Italia was also really cool.

After we went to the Village Idiot Pub for a drink (right across the street from the AGO). It's a nice little pub, with emphasis on little.

We rented The Brothers Bloom, we both really liked it.

Well I should go get ready for Ultimate.


  1. Do you use a different computer at home and at work? Many people at Cisco used to have a desktop at work and a laptop for working at home, but this was causing sync issues, as well as security issues. So finally Cisco simply started getting laptops for everyone. It's a much better solution, especially for the security issues.

  2. Mostly I'm just working on a document or two and having to haul around a laptop just for that is a bit of a hassle, especially if I'm not going straight home from work. (I'm generally using standard apps like Word or Excel and don't need specialized apps like CS3 or a development environment). Ideally I'd like to have a virtual desktop so that wherever I can access the web I get my stuff, and also backed up in the cloud. Dropbox isn't quite that but for me it's better than emailing stuff around or using Google Bookmarks etc.