Sunday, December 06, 2009

Finally, a place to hang my hat

After much debate about the style of the coat rack, we finally decided on a white backing and black metal hooks:

We weren't sure at first what the coat rack should match (e.g. the style of the kitchen cabinets) but settled on cast iron hooks (like the stair railing) and white-painted wood for the back (like the house trim).

We lost our hockey game on Thursday, 4-3 in overtime. We had 11 skaters, which made it hard to get an flow going on offense (nine or ten is best, because there's two full forward lines, otherwise it's messed up). However, it was still a good game with fast line changes, and I got a good workout.

I re-posted my ad on kijiji to sell our old table. I lowered the price to $50 (from $75) and I've got way more hits. If it doesn't sell soon I'm just going to give it to Goodwill, to clear it out of the basement.

Heather got an email from aeroplan that her account was going to expire soon. Apparently if you have no activity (ie get more miles, or use some), within a year, they expire your account. I would have got the email too, except I had a really old email account listed. So we looked for the best dollar value for points, and got $150 Esso gift cards each. It's not that exciting, but seeing as I use gas anyways, I'll use the gift cards, and then we'll use the money to go out for dinner or something. (It was better value then getting restaurant gift cards from Aeroplan).

Two of our bigger plants died a few weeks ago. I didn't have them in double pots to allow drainage, and I suspect overwatering caused the roots to rot. We've seen some nice plants at Quince Flowers, but figured we'll wait until after Christmas when the tree is down, before we replace them.

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