Thursday, June 25, 2009

Glenn Simmonds' retirement party was this evening, at a restaurant out in Vaughan. I was impressed by the turnout, including John Honderich, David Holland, John Cruickshank, Jagoda Pike, and quite a few retirees. The food was great, the speeches were okay (Al McArthur did a really good job as emcee). Glenn listed some of his mentors during his speech, of which I recognized only a couple names. I have heard lots of stories about the old days at the Star, so was surprised that I didn't know of so many people. They must have been the managers back when Glenn started in the early 70s.

Lloyd and Mina came up to Toronto for this past weekend. It was great to see them, as Heather and I haven't seen much of them since we met. They were here from Saturday to Monday, and most of the time focused on food. We went to Little India for lunch on Sunday, and had far too much to eat at Lahore Tikka. My Sunday Ultimate team had our championship game later that evening, and I was rather full for the game. (We won 19-10!) The four of us had planned to have dinner at Table 17 (they have BYOW with no corkage fee on Sundays), but we were still full from lunch, so instead went to B-side at Joy Bistro. We had enough of an appetite the next morning to try the eggs benedict at Leslieville Diner, but then didn't have room for lunch.

The weather finally got hot on the first day of summer while they were here. We turned on our air conditioner on June 19th, which is a record for me. It's the longest spring I can remember. Usually it goes from winter to spring for a week, and then straight into summer. I much prefer the cooler spring days.

The Ceili Cottage is almost open! I dropped in on Monday evening (their planned opening night). Talked to Patrick McMurray (the owner), and he said they were just waiting for some paperwork from the city (I guess affected by the strike). I haven't been there since so don't know if it's open yet.

One of my cousins in India (who I may have met when I was little, but don't remember) found this old picture of me and scanned and emailed it:

It looks to be from my First Communion. Check out the cool bow tie and the funky shoes!

Anyways I should get ready for bed.

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