Thursday, May 29, 2008

I was out golfing a few times over the last week. Last Thursday was the Digital Imaging Association golf tournament at St Andrews Valley, courtesy of Apple. I've heard a lot of good comments about the course from my hockey team. It was a nice course, although pretty long (for me). It was a best-ball tournament, which worked out for Jay and I because the two Apple guys both shoot in the 70's. We won with a 8-under 64 in really windy conditions. Jay won closest-to-the-pin, on a 165-yard hole into the wind. He actually hit the pin and bounced about 8 feet off. I hit after Jay, and wound up about 10 feet off, inside the previous marker (not bad, eh?). Jay won $200 for his shot, and our foursome get our names engraved on the trophy. I almost forgot, all the participants got a Cobra Baffler, a 20* hybrid club. I was hitting it not-too-shabbily.

On Sunday I went out with Craig, Stu and Chris and played Hoot at Osprey Valley. It was a beautiful day. My new club was working great. Unfortunately my short game wasn't, in particular my putting. I ended up shooting 97.

Tuesday was Joanne's annual Rotary Club tournament at Dundas Valley. The rough was thick, and the greens hard to read, and I shot a 104. My chips were landing where I aimed, but I kept misreading the green and I'd end up through the green or short. I three-puttted a lot too. We were one of the first foursomes through the longest drive and closest-to-the-pin holes, and I ended up with my name on both! It's the first time I've ever put my name down on a longest drive marker :)


So they've started putting up scaffolding around the sidewalk at the Film Studio Lofts at Queen and Pape! Maybe they'll start actual construction soon...

Our plants in the front yard are doing really well. After a couple seasons of experimenting, Heather and I have figured we like flowers in the blue - purple colour range, and low ground cover. My yellow flowers (which flower from June until October!) may end up replanted to a pot in the backyard once that's done.

I've decided to try digging the post holes manually this Saturday (it's only $7 to rent a clamshell digger for four hours at Home Depot). If that turns out to be difficult, then I'll get someone to do the footings. I've asked around for quotes, and it should be about $250 for 6 posts, including digging and pouring the concrete.

My parents were over for dinner on Saturday night, to celebrate my Mom's and Heather's birthdays. Ended up at Kubo Radio, which was really good. Heather and I ate there the first week we moved in (our kitchen was finished yet), and then a dozen other restaurants opened up and so we haven't been back too often. We were all stuffed, and didn't have room for dessert at Barrio's.

Well I should start dinner. We're having cedar-planked salmon, with green beans and rice with a butter-lemon-parsley sauce. My hockey game is at 10:15 tonight, so there's plenty of time to eat.

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