Sunday, May 18, 2008

I was at The Cure concert with Marissa on Thursday and was texting the song names to my blog. The next day Marissa sent me a link which lists a whole bunch of info about every Cure concert ever, including setlists. So I cleaned up my posts with just the link.

The first concert I ever went to was The Cure in 1989, with LeeAnn and possibly Bernice and Tanya (I forget who came with us). It was at the old Exhibition Stadium, and was one of the top three concerts I've been to. I was looking through my box of ticket stubs (I keep all my ticket stubs to movies, concerts, sports events etc), and apparently I saw The Cure again in 1992 but I don't really remember it. The concert on Thursday was pretty good (I knew most of the lyrics, the only time I've known more songs was for U2). However the bass was pretty weak (maybe as the band gets older they turn down the volume?). I was wearing ear protection (the orange squeezy ones like they have at VPC) for the high end, but I was expecting the bass to vibrate the entire building.

Anyways, I had got together with Marissa and one of her co-workers for wings and beer before the concert; then we had a couple large beers at the ACC; and then Marissa wanted to go for a beer after to talk about the concert so we had another pint at the Irish Embassy. I was a bit foggy on Friday but made it to my 8:30 meeting.

We played Ultimate this evening, and lost 19-15. Craig was at his cottage and we missed him on offense. We dropped about a half dozen discs in the end zone, so we had chances to win but couldn't execute. We know a lot of players on the other team ("The Enemy" is what they call themselves), which made it a fun game to play. It was pretty cold and windy, and we had one-too-many subs so I was stiffening up on the sidelines in between points. The previous week we played in the cold and rain -- I'm hoping the weather on Sundays improves soon!

Anyways I should be heading to bed.

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