Monday, July 16, 2007

I surfed around about the wood boring insect, and it's definitely NOT termites. This link had some good pics. The pics for the damage caused by a wood-boring weevil and the furniture beetle were very similar to what I saw. I didn't see any actual bugs, so I just have the damage to go by.

We played Ultimate tonight, and won 17-15. It was a good game; we had two full lines, and I was on a line with Craig, and another guy Ki (sp?). Both are very good handlers who can throw deep, and the game turned into a bit of a Ki-and-Eric show. I don't mind, but I think the rest of the team find it not so interesting, because they don't get involved in the play. So I'll have to not go deep as much in the future.

There's been a bad odour in the neighbourhood over the last couple weeks. There's a lot of talk on the Leslieville Yahoo group. Heather called the Ontario Ministry of the Environment to file a report today. (And so did about 25 other people on Yahoo after Heather's posting to the group). So we'll see what comes of this.

Well it's time for bed.

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