Sunday, July 29, 2007

I had a busy couple of weeks, between wedding preparations, turning a year older, home renovations, and of course, reading Harry Potter.

We just got back from my godparents, Lionel and Veronica, who live up in Newmarket. It's been over 20 years since I last saw them. We had a nice visit, along with my mom and dad. They still live in the same house, but I didn't remember much of the layout. We had invited them to the wedding, but unfortunately they can't make it.

We mailed out our wedding invitations on Monday night, and on Friday we received our first reply! (from TnT). It was then that we realized that there's no obvious place on the return for the guests to write their name -- so we're hoping that most people will write in their names on the invite, or put a return address on the envelope.

We're really happy with how the invites turned out. Maricar's friend Myrtle did our invites (she runs her own company, Heart to Heart Designs). We picked them up a week and a half ago, and spent a couple hours last Sunday addressing. There was some debate at Canada Post about the cost to mail the invite -- we had three answers from three different Canada Posts. We took the middle number. There's not a whole lot of choice for stamps (in fact only one stamp at 91 cents). Later I found on that you can create your own stamps -- just send a jpeg to them, and 4-6 weeks later you have stamps. We may try to use a wedding pic of us for the thank-you cards.

We've been winning at Ultimate on Mondays, and losing at hockey on Thursdays. Both are fun teams to play on.

It was my birthday last Friday. We celebrated by going to William Ashley to pick out stuff for our registry. (Actually, we were planning to do that on Saturday, but we had to be home for my Harry Potter to be delivered, so we went Friday instead). It was pretty quick -- Heather and I are fortunate enough to have similar tastes.

For my birthday we went out for dinner at Fare, a new restaurant in Leslieville (where Verveine used to be). It was really good, although a little pricey. It was also a bit empty, but it's still fairly new (it's only been open two months). It should become more popular as people discover it.

Harry Potter arrived on Saturday as promised by However, it was also a nice day, so I spent most of it working on the deck. I only got around to reading HP on Tuesday and finished it on Wednesday. I really enjoyed it, (although I had guessed most of the endings).

The deck renovations are coming along. I've removed all the old rotting wood, and replaced all the framing. There's a bit of work to be done, which I'm hoping to complete before we leave for PEI.

Well it's getting late and there's only six minutes left on my battery. Later!

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