Friday, June 22, 2007

It's Friday afternoon and I'm trying to decide what to cook for dinner. I have a hankering to try enoki mushrooms (I'm not sure where this urge came from), and found a recipe for pasta with smoked oysters, spinach and enoki that could be the pasta course. Now I'm surfing around for the meat course.

Yesterday we had our department summer party, which returned to its roots as a boat cruise. It was a fun time, with most of my group showing up. They only had four types of beer (Keith's, Blue, Bud, Bud Light), so as you can imagine, the Keith's went rather quickly. They ran out of cold Keith's before the boat even left the dock. I had one Blue, before deciding that a warm Keith's was better than a cold Blue. After the cruise, about 15 of us had some drinks at a nearby bar on Queen's Quay, and then five of us made it to the Drake to close out the night. At the Drake, the people drinking beside us turned out to be members of the royal family! (There's five families that own most of the voting shares of the Star (see May 27, 1958), and at the Star we call them the "royal families"). I think she said she was the granddaughter of Ruth Hindmarsh.

I'm almost over the cold that I picked up at the end of our vacation. It was getting to be quite a nuisance.

On Wednesday evening I rearranged some of the plants in our front garden. I moved the larger plants with height to the back corner, although it's now too busy and I may remove the tall grass altogether. I'm hoping if I leave the grass at the foot of the sidewalk with a "free" sign that someone will take it to a better home. I also moved the dwarf evergreen to the front corner, and replanted the hens and chicks around it. Maricar's going to help me prune the pear tree tomorrow (some lower branches are too heavy and leaning downwards). Overall the garden's looking pretty good.

I also (finally) fixed the screens on the 1st floor windows, and there's a nice cross-breeze flowing through the floor now. It's the perfect weather for this.

Heather and I updated our list of things-to-do for the wedding, using Google Docs and Spreadsheets. Google Docs is really convenient for sharing and updating files between multiple people. Plus it's accessible on the web, so I don't need to save the list on a particular computer, or email it back-and-forth. We've also used it for the guest list and other wedding documents.

One of things-to-do is confirming our wedding favours. We're going to have js bonbons, one each of the corriander & lime, and sea-salted caramel. Heather brought a box of js bonbons for our 2nd date (I cooked dinner), and they've been our favourite chocolate ever since. We have a tasting appointment tomorrow, after the marriage course. We don't really need to have the tasting because we already know what we want, but why would anyone skip a chocolate tasting at js bonbons?

Well it's getting later and I should figure out dinner.

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