Sunday, February 11, 2007

Today's been a pretty lazy day. We took a bunch of stuff to Goodwill (I spent most of yesterday going through boxes in the basement, and filled four large boxes of stuff. One box was already packed -- it contained odd glasses and mugs that were extra when Heather and I moved in together, and it sat in the basement for a year). We had dimsum at the Grand Restaurant in chinatown for lunch. Normally we go there for dinner (it's all-day dim sum), and there's only a handful of other customers, but on Sundays it's packed at lunch. Then we came home and took a nap.

Last night we went to the Firkin and Flatiron for wings and beer. Met up with Marissa (she lives close to the Flatiron). We had a few Keiths and cabbed it home around 1am. We hadn't been out for a while because Heather's been working on her chapter late into the evenings most nights. It was a fun night.

Last Wednesday I almost missed my Ultimate game. I thought the game was at 9:30pm. I got home a little late from work, but still with enough time to make porcini risotto (I wanted to finish the leeks in the fridge). I always underestimate how long it takes to cook, but we were eating by 8:15pm, and gulped it down, leaving an hour before my game. However, when I checked my email to confirm the game time, I discovered the game actually started at 8:15pm. Heather helped me rush out the door, and I managed to get there for 8:45pm (so I only missed half the game). The other team wasn't that great and we won pretty easily. I scored a callahan, my first one ever.

Thursday I made sure that I had the right time for hockey. We scored one goal yet again, but this time we won!! 1-0. I got an assist on the goal (Craig scored on the rebound from my shot), so we're still tied for the team lead in points. Craig and I had a beer after the game and mostly talked about Ultimate.

I finished the Iliad the other week, and was supposed to start reading the Odyssey today but instead had the above-mentioned nap. Well I should get ready for Ultimate.

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