Monday, February 05, 2007

I was a little hungover today from Superbowl partying last night. I woke up feeling okay, got to work and started to feel not-so-good, and called it a day around 1pm. I came home, had take-out lunch from B&B Fish'n'chips and took a nap, and felt much better.

Ram organized the Superbowl party at Harbour Sports Grille (across the street from work). It was a pretty exciting game, with all the turnovers in the first quarter. I won the 4th quarter square in the pool at work, and a number of side bets. Overall I was up about $40. The Superbowl's one of the few things I bet on, it makes watching the game more fun. I won a couple prop bets with Ram -- whether Manning would throw an interception or touchdown first, and whether the Colts would score a touchdown the first time in the red zone. Bernice was there too, but with a different group (I think her poker friends).

My hockey game was on Friday last week (two games a season are on Fridays because there's too many teams, not enough ice team). We haven't won since we were bumped up a division -- and we've only scored one goal a game (we lost 8-1 on Friday). I thought I might get the 2nd assist on our goal, but they just gave a single assist.

Heather and I had our dinner on Saturday. Because I had more time to cook, I thought I'd give the cornish hen recipe a try. The cornish hens at Loblaws seemed a bit large (800g), but I wasn't sure how much meat was on the hen, and the meat guy said one wouldn't be enough for two people, so I bought two of them.

Heather cleaned the hens and I cooked up a storm. It took quite a bit of time (over two hours), and at one point we wondered if it was going to be worth the effort, but it came out really really good. Plus, the wine (a Malbec) recommended by Sheri at the LCBO matched everything. The stuffing was my favourite part. ...It was almost like a Christmas dinner, with cornish hen instead of turkey, plum sauce instead of cranberry, and lots of leftovers (one cornish hen was enough for the two of us).

We won our Ultimate game last Wednesday, and we're now 4-0. I think we stand a pretty good chance of going unbeaten, if we can win against our nemesis, Ultimatuum. For some reason we've always played poorly against them in previous seasons. We're the better team, but seem to tie or lose by a point when we play them.

Wonderboy is coming up on February 23-24-25. That's the annual guys tournament that Kirk started in 1998 with our university friends as the core. There's about 24 guys every year, and we have a mini-Olympics of darts, ping pong, euchre, poker, 2-man log saw, and tug-of-war. All the event are two-person teams to even out the teams, with the exception of poker (everyone for themselves), and tug-of-war (two teams). It's very competitive: statistics are kept year-over-year, there's a trophy and even opening ceremonies (when we draw for partners for each event, and re-crown the previous year's Wonderboy). My favourite part is on Saturday afternoon when we play pick-up hockey on the ice. The ice usually has pressure cracks which makes it dangerous for skating, so we play in our boots. Here's some pics from the 2005 Wonderboy:

Discussing tug-of-war strategy on the lake on Saturday morning

Two-man log saw. Winning time was 45.3 seconds

Shoveling the snow for hockey. Kirk's place is in the background

The guys. The clip-on purple tie that the 3rd guy from the left (front row) is wearing is a la the Masters and the green jacket. There's also a green tie that the current leader wears a la the Tour de France and the yellow jersey

Well that's it for now.

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