Thursday, October 19, 2006

Leo (the neighbour's cat) just dropped in for a little visit a few minutes ago. I was taking out the recycling and saw Leo on the sidewalk. I called his name and he trotted over, up our walkway, and in through the door to see Heather. I think he was over-stimulated with all the new sights and smells (Leo's only been in our house a couple times), because he was walking around meowing quite a bit. Heather let him out, and now he's sitting at the top of the stairs of the deck, watching the scene on the street.

I scored a goal in hockey tonight, a little tip-in on a shot from the point. I score most of my goals on deflections like that. We ended up winning 2-0. I almost had a 2nd goal -- Craig drove towards the net with the puck, and was checked into the goalie, I put the rebound in the net, but then the ref called Craig for interference for running into goalie. Anyways the other team wasn't that good, so I had an extra second to look up when I had the puck which makes a difference for me. After just Craig and I went up for pizza and beer. We talked mostly about last night's Ultimate game, which we lost.

Last night we played the top team in our league, and we could have won but we made a lot of unforced errors. The final was 14-12. We went out to Fionn MacCool's on the Esplanade. The Leaf game had just let out so the bar was pretty busy. They even had live celtic music!

Went to Fortino's today for lunch. Fortino's is actually a grocery store a la Loblaws, but the location at Hwy 7 and Weston Rd has a pizza and panini counter. They make their pizzas to order in a stone oven. It's the best pizza I've had. Some time I'll have to drive up with Heather on a Saturday (although the lady's warned me that "the kids" work on the weekend and they're not as good as Rocco).

I've been reading more of my book The Brothers Karamazov, I'm now on page 724. My goal is to finish before the end of November (before the one-year mark since I started reading it).

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