Monday, September 25, 2006

We had a little adventure tonight because the power went out, from about 8pm to 10pm. I was outside heating the barbecue when there was a big gust of wind, and then the power went. It looked to be just on our street.

Fortunately, with a gas stove and the barbecue, it didn't really affect Heather and me. We had cedar-planked salmon, with steamed rice and a butter / lemon / parsley sauce, and green beans. Also we were lucky that the rice had just finished cooking when the power went.

My flashlight was packed away in my travel box, so we had to use my cell phone as a light to get to it; then we found the candles etc. (The flashlight is now stored in a more accessible spot in the kitchen). We had a nice candle-lit dinner, with music from iTunes on my Mac.

I was surprised at how little needed to be reset when the power came on. The alarm system has a battery, and actually worked the whole time. The washing machine knew the power had gone out, and I just had to hit start and it continued in the middle of a wash cycle. The cable box is digital and sets the time automatically. The only thing I had to set was the clock on the oven!


Thursday was the first hockey game of the winter season. I was slightly out of shape, because my Ultimate teams have way too many guys and so I don't get enough playing time. Most of the team came out flat, and we lost 7-2. Oh well.

Friday was the minus-1 anniversary for Heather and me. I surfed around to see if there was any standard gift (like paper for the 1st anniversary), but the only thing I found was another person's blog, and a screen saver that counts down for the year. We had a nice dinner at home.

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