Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I took this picture in Quebec City on our trip:

I hardly spent any time taking the picture, it was more just a point and shoot. I've found most of my favourite pictures are the ones where I've spent the least time composing them.

Last night I was at a couple work functions. First was a dinner with a vendor at Romagna Mia. I had to leave early because the publisher had invited all the people involved with the launch of Star PM to the Star's box to see the Jays vs Yankees. Dinner at the restaurant wasn't too bad, very traditional italian. Luckily the food arrived before I left for the baseball game.

The food at the box was less appetizing, despite the invite to enjoy "fine foods and potables". The potables (Keiths in my case) were good, though. I actually watched an inning or two of the game (I gave up on baseball after the strike). I was surprised at how big all the players are now. Almost all the players were over 6'0".

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