Sunday, March 14, 2010

I got an iPhone at work on Thursday and have been trying to figure it out since. My favourite app so far is the Apple Remote, which allows me to remotely control iTunes on my Mac. The iPhone address book syncs properly with my car so I can now dial from my address book from the steering wheel. I'm amazed at how many places have free wifi (which means I'm not racking up data charges).

It took a while to figure out how to save my songs as ringtones. There's a 40 second limit on ringtones on the iPhone (you could save an entire song as an .mpa on the BlackBerry), so I had to figure out GarageBand. But I now know how to save clips, and so Heather's ringtone is when the guitar starts in on the live version of Back in Black.


Last weekend it was really nice, and Heather and I walked over to Cabbagetown to explore. Heather sees it riding on the Gerrard streetcar, and thought it would be nice to walk around. It's surprisingly close to us, only about a 20 minute walk from our house. We had lunch at Gourmet Burger, which was pretty good (I liked it better than the Burger Shoppe). We walked up and down the residencial streets, and then down to the Distillery. We were hoping to have a beer at the Brew Pub, but it was packed. So we walked back to Leslieville and had a beer at Prohibition. We walked about 10km, which was a god test for Heather's back.

Monday it was still nice weather, so we walked up to the Danforth. Heather had googled around for Greek restaurants, and we tried out Pantheon. It was really good, with huge portions. We split the calamari appetizer, which filled up both of us, and we still had our mains. A 1L carafe of house wine was only $15, which is really reasonable. Next time we'll likely just split two appetizers and skip the mains.

Heather's been having reactions to red meat, so I've been looking for different recipes. We tried out grilled veal chops with artichoke-arugula. I didn't realize, but veal chops and arugula is a classic pairing. Anyways, it turned out really good. It took a while to eat because both the propane tanks were empty (luckily there's a number of 24hr gas stations near us).

Yesterday was a rainy day, the kind of day that's nice to have lunch in a pub. So we headed back to Cabbagetown to check out the House on Parliament. It has a really nice vibe. I had the liver and onions, which were a bit overcooked (Allen's was better). Heather had a mince meat pie with a side salad, which was excellent. The place has a nice patio, which I'm sure is packed in the summer.

Anyways, I should get ready for Ultimate.

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  1. Hi Eric: If I recall, I think the wine was $15 for a half litre -- $15/litre would just be too good to be true :) But, the wine was pretty decent for sipping with dinner!