Monday, November 16, 2009

We lost the finals at Sunday Ultimate yesterday. We were down 7-3, then came back up 9-7, and then lost 16-12. We had two full lines and so Craig and I were only on the field half the time, and our other line wasn't that good. Craig and I got off to a slow start, but it's hard to get into the game when you're not on the field a lot. In the winter we're playing speed point and so we can stay on more.

This week's a yard waste (it stays bi-weekly this year) so I cleaned up the leaves around the yard on Saturday. It's much easier now that the backyard is mostly complete -- I just swept them up (this was part of the design). Filled up ten bags between the front and back. Also cut down the perennials in the front. I stored the bags on the front porch in case it rains. (I should have thought about that before.) This year has been one of the best for raking leaves -- it hasn't rained in a couple weeks, and the leaves are all light and dry.

I was planning to take my Mac into work today to backup my pics but I forgot. I was going to switch from iPhoto to Picasa, but my Mac is too old to run Picasa (it only runs on Intel Macs). So I'll just copy all my pics to Picasa to create backup, and then I'll upload all my future pics, and create new albums only in Picasa.

Well I should go start dinner.

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