Sunday, April 26, 2009

On Friday Heather and I couldn't figure out what to make for dinner, so instead we walked down Queen E looking at menus for something that appealed to us. Saw that Pulp Kitchen is closed. There's a sign that a restaurant called Lady Marmalade is opening up soon.

We ended up at Prohibition, which was pretty busy (we even had to wait for a table!) The place is definitely growing on me. For the first time that I've been there, they weren't out of Sapporo on tap. (I think that's why I was iffy in the past -- I don't like any of the other beers they have). There's a nice atmosphere in the place. We passed by The Roy on the way over. There's something about The Roy that we couldn't put our finger on that we just didn't like. Maybe it was the bright lights or carpetting or lack of music. In any case, it looks like I've had a pub (Prohibition) all along and just didn't know it.

Well I'm off to make dinner. We're having t-bone steaks (on sale at Loblaws, only $5 per steak!) with grilled vegetables and baked potato. Mmmm.

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