Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I was out sick for much of the last couple weeks, with a bug that's knocked out a few people at work. Heather caught it a couple days after me and she was out too.

I felt better this past weekend and finished off a bit more of the deck. The deck boards are all done; the speakers sound amazing (the wood surroundings make for great acoustics); and one of the hinged doors under the bench to the recycling is done.

The door had to be weighted so that the natural position is closed. I wasn't sure if it would stay shut but the design worked out.

I was concerned about the original design for the stairs (I wanted them to look like they're floating). I had cut away at the stringers but that weakened them. I bought new stringers to replace them with a different design -- good thing too, cause the bottom step snapped off this morning.

I tested out the lighting over the weekend, to see how bright they were and where the best placing would be. It was a bit of a catch-22 because it's easier to install the lights before the deck is finished, but I couldn't figure out how the lighting would look until the deck was done. So I have to lift up some of the deck boards to install the lights but oh well.

Last night Heather and I were at the Jays game (against the Yankees no less), in the Skybox (Rogersbox?). Paula (my boss) had the box and invited all the directors and their partners. It was a pretty good time, and cool for all the partners to meet all the people they'd only heard about. The Jays won thanks to a couple errors by the Yankee's centrefielder.

After (surprisingly to me) we went bar hopping! First to Gretzky's and his very nice Oasis rooftop patio. Heather and I had been there years ago (it's where Heather first met Doaner), and neither of us remember the patio being that large and nice. Next we stopped in at Rain (!) for a (probably very expensive) drink (Heather was on sparkling water at this point). Then onto Ultra Supper Club's rooftop patio, which was packed (on a Tuesday night!). Heather and I left around 1:45am, with the rest of the crew still there.

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