Monday, April 21, 2008

My Sunday Ultimate team was out tonight (Monday night) at Alice Fazooli's downtown for the awards for winning Sunday Ultimate. It's not really an awards ceremony; it's more just a bar where you pick up t-shirts for winning. (It's not really a bar as I will explain shortly).

The t-shirts looked great, and it's always nice to wear during the season before the game, showing that at one point we actually played for a winning team.

But to the bar thing. They supposed had seven beers on tap, but on this night they were out of Keiths, Stella, and Heineken. Half way through the night, they ran out of all their beers, except Guiness and Coors Light. In a bar!

We were very disappointed so went to another bar. They were also out of a few beers, with the excuse that they served five days worth of volume over the weekend (which was the first nice patio weekend after the winter).

But it's not as if the nice weather hadn't been predicted all week. Plus, how hard is it to go to the beer store and buy a keg of beer? We went home sober.

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