Saturday, January 05, 2008

I'm just out buying a gift for my high school friends Krys Kringle party.  It was supposed to be before Christmas but it was postponed because of the big snow storm (LA lives out in Georgetown).  Fortunately there's a lot of cool shops now on Queen E so I didn't have to go far. 

Stopped in at Queen Pita to pick up some lunch to go.  Noticed that the thai restaurant beside Tomi Kro is now open.  It also looks like Tomi Kro has expanded again, this time taking over the store to the east.  We were a bit disappointed with our last visit after their first expansion, although they still draw crowds (we couldn't get in the night we went out for dinner with Chris and Roseanne).

The building on the corner of Queen and Berkshire is now sporting a third floor -- it fits in with the streetscape much better now.

Well I think my lunch is ready.  Hopefully won't have missed too much of the world junior finals...

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