Wednesday, May 02, 2007

We had cedar-planked salmon for dinner this evening:

Loblaws was out of cedar planks (either they've stopped stocking them, or more likely they're out of stock), so I had a side trip to Home Depot. Home Depot carries a different brand, and the paper insert with the cedar had a nice picture including the onion, rosemary, lemon and tomato on the side of the cedar. So I threw some on, and it tasted pretty good. The barbecue was around 300F (normally I do salmon around 375F), and it came out a little undercooked at the thickest part of the fish. I suspect that at the lower temperature, the cedar doesn't get hot enough to cook the fish from the underneath.

Myrtle sent us proofs of the wedding invitations, and they look really good. There's a couple minor things we want to change. We'd like to sign off before we leave for vacation.

I was trying to get my Visa paid automatically from my chequing, and called CIBC. Turns out I'm supposed to call Visa. But while CIBC had me on the phone, they talked me into replacing my CIBC line of credit with a secured line of credit. I have a secured line of credit with TD Canada Trust (I used it extensively when the house was being renovated), but it will be more convenient with everything at one bank. As part of the approval, they'll get an appraisal of our house. It will be interesting to see what they think it's worth.

Last night Heather and I met up with JP at the Flatiron for dinner (and some Keiths). I haven't seen JP often because we haven't played sports together recently (he's recovering from surgery on his ACL). It was a fun night. The bar was full with Raptors fans watching the playoff game against the Nets. The Raptors won in a close finish.

My friend Chris (from work) had another heart attack over the weekend. He had one a year or so ago (caused by a virus). Heather and I went to see him at Peel Memorial on Sunday. He's doing much better, and should be sent home tomorrow.

Tomorrow there's a couple people visiting from the Winnipeg Free Press. I found it surprising when I first started at the Star that the operations groups at the various papers are very co-operative. The WFP folks are flying in just for the day, and we're starting with lunch. My favourite lunches around VPC are pizza at Fortino's (a grocery store), and a veal sandwich at California Sandwiches. Neither are very business oriented, and I don't know of any restaurants in the area. We'll probably end up at Kelsey's or East Side Mario's. When in 905 do as the 905ers...

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