Sunday, April 22, 2007

It was a beautiful weekend in Toronto, unfortunately I spent it in Orlando.

The annual NEXPO conference was in Orlando this year. Mike R. and I were asked to attend about a week ago. Normally I would be excited about the travel, but I missed the perfect weather in Toronto, and Orlando doesn't appeal much to me.

We flew down on Friday, spent Saturday and Sunday at the conference, and we'll fly home tomorrow afternoon. It was a worthwhile trip; there were three or four things I picked up that each alone would have made the trip. Wasn't too impressed with Orlando. I haven't seen anything except for chain stores, chain restaurants and chain hotels. (DisneyWorld is out here somewhere too).

Included in the swag was a pedometer. I wore it today at the conference, and it reported that I walked 3,400 steps. (I snagged a 2nd pedometer, and want to wear both some day to compare).

I finished The Black Tulip on the flight down. Next is The Epic of Gilgamesh, and then I'll finally have caught up with my backlog of books caused by Dostoyevsky.

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  1. Oh no...guess what I bought for you this weekend at Winners, Eric? Yes, a pedometer!! (it's returnable, so no worries!) See you soon - Heather