Sunday, January 14, 2007

It was snowing this morning when we woke up, it looked very pretty. It's the first time this year I had to brush snow off my car. It's been a slow day today, I've been watching the football games and Heather's been working on her chapter.

Winter season for sports started this week. On Wednesday we had our first game, which we won easily. It was freezing inside the bubble at Waterside, and my hands didn't warm up until the end of the game. The team voted to wear green, but most people (including me) hadn't picked up a green shirt yet, so we wore lights instead. There's a big spectrum within green, so we may have to be more specific about the green so we all look the same. I voted for green so that I could use my $25 gift certificate from Lululemon. After the game we went for a quick drink at Fionn's (the game was at 10:15pm so it had to be a quick drink).

Thursday our hockey game was at 10:15pm as well. 10:15pm is an odd time, because it's too late to eat after the game, and I feel lethargic if I eat before the game. We lost 2-1, I scored our goal on a deflection. It's the 3rd or 4th game in a row that we've only scored one goal. There were hardly any whistles (the only one in the first period was for a goal), so the game finished pretty quickly (we play 12-10-10 minute periods).

Our Ultimate game today is at the newly-opened facility at Varsity Stadium. We're allowed to wear cleats, which I prefer. (The newer places have artifcial turf with little granules which prevent rug burn, on which you can use cleats; the older places such as Waterside have old turf which is carpet-like and cause bad rug burns if you fall, and you can only use running shoes which don't grip well on the turf). It'll be harder to find parking at Varsity, but there'll be more places to go out after the game.

I should go get ready for the game.

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